Papagayo Beaches

As our first blog post on UNBEATON; we thought we would share a little adventure we took back in April 2018 to the Papagayo beaches of Lanzarote. Four hours on a plane from Gatwick and you’ll find yourself in an affordable paradise, golden sand, clear blue seas and plenty of ice cream.

Before we ever go away, we spend ages scrolling through Pinterest to find ideas of what to do when we’re on holiday and to ensure we don’t miss the best parts that that place has to offer. The Papagayo beaches were a destination that came up time and time again and we fell in love with its beautiful scenery.

Papagayo beach to the right of the cafe.

Even more breathtaking in real life, The Papagayo beaches were definitely a highlight of our Lanzarote trip. We had read online that the pathway to the beach is a little rocky, and boy was it rocky! Our poor fiat 500 hire car was not prepared for this road whatsoever.

After about 10 minutes of what seemed like the slowest driving ever, we came to the end of the road where there was a large car park and a cafe. Either side of the cafe is a stunning beach and as you pass the cafe you can get a wonderful view of both.

Your route down to the water is a sandy ramp with a rope pictured below (Shown by Joe in his beautiful floral swimwear, primark specials!) As you can see it’s not the best accessibility for a beach, and if your mobility is something to consider then maybe this isn’t the best route down – please bare this in mind when visiting.

The route down to the Papagayo beach on the right of the cafe.

Once down on the beach, the beautiful blue water is so inviting, we couldn’t wait to dip our toes! It was calm enough to enjoy with one or two waves, but nothing too rough. The golden sand made for a nice place to relax in the Lanzarote sun.

When we return to Lanzarote, the Papagayo beaches will definitely be on our itinerary to revisit. We expect the snorkelling here would be insane! We would love to spend more time and really investigate what the beaches have to offer. You always see a place differently the second time you visit, don’t you think?

Have you been to the Papagayo beaches? What did you think? If not, is this somewhere you’d go?

Thank you for reading our first blog post! J & L

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